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More than 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain at any given time. When left untreated, chronic pain can keep you from work, exercise, or other activities you enjoy. At Optimal Men’s Center in Goodyear, Arizona, Trent Knight, PAC, and the team provide a comprehensive suite of non-narcotic pain management services on-site, including trigger point injections, topicals, and physical therapy. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online, or call the office to speak with a caring staff member today.

Pain Management Q & A

What is chronic pain?

Everyone experiences aches and pains on occasion, but if your symptoms persist or get worse for three months or longer, it’s considered chronic. Chronic pain occurs when your body continues to send pain signals to your brain, even after you recover from an injury or illness.

Without early intervention and treatment, chronic pain only gets worse. Over time it can result in mobility issues and reduce your strength, range-of-motion, and flexibility.

What are some common causes of chronic pain?

Chronic pain occurs for various reasons. At Optimal Men’s Center, Mr. Knight regularly diagnoses and treats pain caused by:

  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines

In addition, he treats chronic pain caused by overuse and repetitive use injuries. 

What is pain management?

Pain management relies on an interdisciplinary approach to relieve swelling, stiffness, and inflammation affecting any part of your body. 

At Optimal Men’s Center, Mr. Knight develops non-narcotic custom care plans. This encourages satisfactory outcomes while eliminating the risk of addiction or other potentially dangerous side-effects caused by opioid medications.

What are the different types of pain management?

At Optimal Men’s Center, Mr. Knight offers several types of pain management, including:

Trigger point injections

Trigger points are knots that develop in your muscle tissue. They’re typically sensitive to touch and limit your range of motion. Anyone can develop trigger points, but they’re commonly a side-effect of myofascial pain syndrome or fibromyalgia.

Trigger point injections include a mixture of local anesthetic and steroids. Once injected into a trigger point, they provide almost instant relief and allow your muscles to relax.


If you regularly experience pain due to arthritis or overworked muscles, you might benefit from topicals. Topicals are medications applied directly to your skin like lotions or ointments. Mr. Knight can recommend both over-the-counter and prescription topical medication.

Physical therapy

If your pain is due to an automobile accident, slip-and-fall, or sports injury, consider physical therapy. Physical therapy uses special strengthening exercises and stretches to increase circulation, improve mobility, and ease inflammation. Mr. Knight can develop a custom care plan to align with your needs.

Peptide therapy

Peptide therapy is a type of regenerative medicine used to boost your peptide levels. Peptides are groups of amino acids responsible for communicating with your cells. By restoring peptides, it’s possible to minimize pain, inflammation, and increase mobility.

Eliminate chronic pain by scheduling a pain management appointment at Optimal Men’s Center. Book a consultation using this website, or call the office to speak with a caring member of the administrative team today.